World premiere: first SNEAKERS with a flexible wooden sole website

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World premiere - the first sneaker with a flexible wooden sole

World premiere - the first sneaker with a flexible wooden sole

The worldwide unique WOODY SNEAKERS - NEW from spring 2020 !!!

As every year, there are interesting new items from our woody think tank for the coming season.

 woody sneaker - world premiere of sneakers with flexible wooden sole - coming 2020


With our handmade wooden shoes, we are proving (by the way, for almost 100 years!) That healthy and comfortable walking doesn't mean giving up individual style or a contemporary, trendy look. All our models have one thing in common: the (multiple) flexible wooden sole, which enables natural and comfortable rolling. This not only protects the joints, but also the entire musculoskeletal system through improved posture. The blood circulation is also stimulated and a healthy foot climate ensures well-being all day long.



We are pleased to present our novelty from the 2020 collection to you today!

The first originals (original genius 😊) WOODY - SNEAKER with flexible wooden sole, for men and women in various designs and designs, will conquer shoe stores and hopefully feet and streets from next year. You will soon be able to wear the popular "Made in Carinthia" sneakers in a sporty yet discreetly elegant way, knowing and feeling the best wooden sole and natural materials on your feet.


woody Sneakers - Farben, Damen und Herren 2020


A unique wearing and running feeling make the sneakers for all ages and for (almost) every occasion a stylish and reliable companion in leisure and work. Cool designs give our sneakers that certain something and perfectly complement a modern, yet conscious lifestyle. Like all woody shoes, our sneakers are designed to last for many years and, if properly cared for, are a pleasure for a long time.


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