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How do I clean my woody clog

So you can enjoy your WOODY clogs for a long time!

1.) Before you start caring for your shoes, free them of dirt and dust. Then treat either with leather care or suede care, depending on the material! Here you will find our wood and leather care> 


2.) When applying care: less is more! 

3.) If the fur of our woodys should get dirty, just let it dry and then brush it out carefully! 

4.) The wooden sole is easy to clean with soapy water and a sponge! After drying (air drying) apply a thin layer of our wood-leather care. This closes the pores of the wood and the wood retains its natural properties longer! If not available, you can also use baby oil as an alternative to caring for the wood. 


woody clog - sole cleaning


Important:Never dry the woody with any tools! Do not place on heaters of any kind. Do not use a hair dryer or similar. Do not put in the blazing sun.

5.) Please wear our shoes regularly, because this is the only way the rubber can maintain its natural flexibility! Store your woodys dark and dry. 

Our tip:Those who treat and care for their shoes well will enjoy them for a long time!