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Size Chart

woody shoes size chart

It's all about the right size! In order to protect our environment and avoid deliveries in multiple sizes and the resulting returns as much as possible, if in doubt, we ask you to measure your feet and compare them with the size chart compare!

1st Step

To determine the right shoe size, you must first measure your feet. To do this, you should step barefoot on a piece of paper and lean your heel against the wall. Make sure the heel and edge of the paper touch the wall to form a straight line.

2nd Step

Use a pen to draw the outline of your feet on the paper (see image below). Try to draw as close as possible to the contour of your foot.

3rd Step

After you have pictured your feet, you can measure the length of your feet with a ruler. From the longest toe to the heel (end of the blade).

4th Step

For example, if your longer foot measures 23.8 cm (238 mm), search for the appropriate shoe size in our "Size Chart". In this case this would be size EU 38 (24.0 cm).

TIP: If you are unsure which size to choose, it is advisable to always take the next larger size. It's important to know that every foot is different. The length of your feet can be determined quickly, but depending on the position of your feet, the width of your foot, the height of your arch or the shape of your toes, it can be difficult to find the right size and fit. Ultimately, you have to try the shoes on to make sure they feel good and comfortable.

It's that easy!

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