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woody clogs and clogs - a traditional craft business

In our factory in Sittersdorf / Carinthia, we have been making handcrafted wooden shoes since 1922. The human being is our focus. The clear focus on the needs and wishes of our customers is the basis for the development of high-quality woody shoes and clogs, which are made with great care and sustainably from natural products.

The eventful history of a family business that has required a great deal of entrepreneurial courage over the decades and which is now a successful and down-to-earth shoe manufacturer. The focus is always on the material wood, which represents the natural basis of woody shoes and, in addition to its numerous optical facets, stands above all for health and sustainability.

Almost a century has passed since Michael Piroutz began producing wooden rakes, pitchforks, scythe handles and wooden plugs in Müllnern, in the municipality of Sittersdorf, in the 1920s. Today his grandson Gerhard Piroutz runs a flourishing shoe factory with around 40 employees at the same location and produces shoes and clogs with flexible wooden insoles


The advantages of a woody wooden shoe are obvious!

Other good reasons for using woody shoes:

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