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Winter Men's

All woody® winter wooden shoes for men

No more cold feet and a pleasant foot climate in every situation - discover the cuddly warm lined woody® wooden winter shoes for men. The best insulation against the cold is and remains wood, so the woody® wooden shoes are ideal and natural protection against the cold. In contrast, wood is a very poor conductor of heat, and it is precisely this fact that we take advantage of. We promise you: You will love the cozy warm feeling! Let yourself be inspired by our unique designs, which not only offer your feet a healthy but also a beautiful and fashionable home. Even in the cold season you don't have to do without trendy shoes, you can show off your good taste with a clear conscience. Step by step a pleasure even in winter.

Experience the most flexible and comfortable wooden shoes in the world

96% of our customers would recommend us to others.

Pascal Men's Clog Boots woody® from € 199,00 EUR € 270,00 EUR
Moritz Men's Clog Boots woody® from € 180,00 EUR € 250,00 EUR
Louis Men's Clog Boots woody® from € 175,00 EUR € 250,00 EUR

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