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Care & Cleaning

Cleaning & care of your woody shoes

This way you can enjoy your woodys for a long time!

Congratulations on purchasing your new favorite shoes from woody! To ensure that you can enjoy these high-quality shoes for a long time, loving care is essential. Here are the most important tips to maintain the beauty, comfort and value of your shoes:

The leather

Oiled or greased leather


1st Step

Before you start caring for them, you should remove dirt and dust from your shoes. A small brush or a cotton cloth is best suited for this.

2nd Step

To care for the leather, you can use our " woody wood & leather care " or a standard leather care product. Less is more here! Never apply the care product to damp shoes - wait until they are dry.

3rd Step

Spread the leather care product with a clean brush or cloth and rub it in! Waxed or greased rough types of leather require special care to maintain their appearance for a long time. Please note that the color may darken slightly due to care.

Smooth leather or natural fur


Smooth leather

Smooth leather does not require much care. Wipe the shoes with a lint-free cotton cloth. To remove larger dirt, you can also slightly moisten the cloth. A thin layer of leather care can be applied for extra shine.


Natural fur

If your woody's fur gets dirty, just let it dry thoroughly (not near strong heat sources or in direct sunlight). Afterwards, you can gently brush it to remove the dirt


The wooden sole
Water + Soap + Sponge =


After cleaning

woody schuhe - warnungssymbole

Important instructions:

Never dry your woody with any aids!!! Do not place on heaters of any kind. Do not use a hairdryer or anything similar. Do not place in direct sunlight. If you treat and care for your footwear well, you will enjoy it for a long time!

Please wear our shoes regularly, as this is the only way the rubber can retain its natural flexibility! Store your woodys dark and dry.

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