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Fur Shoes Women's

Fur shoes, fur models for women from woody at a glance

Our fur shoes for women - the women's clogs with fur - of course with an ergonomic wooden footbed and the flexible wooden sole.

These fur shoes are often simply referred to as fur clogs. The cow skin from Normandie cows does not absorb dirt and thus makes these cow skin clogs insensitive - no matter what the weather! With their wooden soles, woody women's shoes ensure a pleasant foot climate even on hot summer days. In the cold season, they keep your feet nice and warm.

Women's clogs with fur - stylish and rustic at the same time - a real eye-catcher! Each of these stylish women's shoes is unique and is made with a lot of love - handmade. The woody women's clogs with fur are of high quality - the upper material is made of the finest leather and covered with genuine Normandy cowhide. Only natural materials are used for all fur models. The comfortable wooden clogs offer the best support for all women.

Our tricolor skins from Normandy cattle are something very special! The skins of the fur clogs and fur boots comes from three-colored Normandy cattle. The hair here is a bit longer and shinier and each coat is unique. These skins from French Normandy are extremely soft and decorative. A guaranteed eye-catcher and super comfortable. None of these animals had to die for their fur. We only use those hides that are a high-quality "waste product" in the food industry.

All woody® fur clogs from the current collection at a glance. Here you will find all fur products such as fur shoes, clogs with fur, cowhide clogs or boots with fur - for men and women. Both in natural fur coloring, as well as in bright trend colors.

Healthy, better walking - experience what are probably the most flexible and comfortable clogs in the world

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Biegsame Holzsohle von woody. Flexible Holzsohle woody Schuhe online bestellen. Die Vorteile der Schuhe
Biegsame Holzsohle von woody. Flexible Holzsohle woody Schuhe online bestellen.

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