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Family business goes fashion week - Vivien Westwood

Family business goes fashion week - Vivien Westwood

Real handcraft on the catwalk! 
Wooden shoes from Carinthia with that certain something

Vivien Westwood designe woody schuhe auf den Laufstegen der Fashion Week in Paris und Mailand. Der Schuh mit der biegsamen Holzsohle. In unserem Fabriksverkauf, in Sittersdorf/Kärnten, erhältlich.

Anyone who is thinking of the Dutch "clumps", clattering loudly or uncomfortable walking should quickly throw these prejudices overboard at the " woodys ".


Vivien Westwood designs woody shoes - the shoe with the flexible wooden sole. Special print design designed by the fashion designer and fashion icone herself. Available in our factory outlet in Sittersdorf / Carinthia.

Family business goes fashion week

Gerhard Piroutz is now the fourth generation to lead the fortune of the shoe manufacturer woody GmbH in Sittersdorf. He really started with the woody brand at the end of the 1990s. A particular highlight was probably a phone call in 2015: British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood wanted special woodys for her catwalk show on the occasion of the Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan. "We were able to meet the designers' wishes within a few weeks." 
These models, specially designed by the designer, are the ideal addition to your punky autumn / winter collection. And the extravagant design of the fashion designer makes these woodys a real eye-catcher. 


Vivien Westwood designs woody shoes - the shoe with the flexible wooden sole. On the catwalks she presents clogs, boots, ankle boots, sandals, Zockl (Zoggl) and slippers from our manufactory. Handmade originals from Carinthia - Austria, for the catwalks in Paris and Milan.

As with all woody shoes, only high-quality leather and willow wood from sustainably managed forests were used as raw materials for Westwood production. As a result, the power of nature is felt with every step.


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