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With the power of the sun - woody® stands for sustainability and we are proud of that!

Sustainability is one matter of the heartfor us at woody®! That is why we have made another step towards renewable energy, namely in the form of a photovoltaic system. Together with the company Kärnten Solar we have installed a photovoltaic system on our warehouse at the beginning of May, with over 100 kWp and we would like to expand our PV system in the future.

Photovoltaik bei woody

Sustainability is firmly anchored in the woody® corporate philosophy, because we believe sustainability is more than a marketing-driven phenomenon. This is reflected in our company, starting with the materials, through production, to the appreciation of the employees. In addition, we use the leftovers and waste from wood production to heat the company building. We have been avoiding plastic and unnecessary packaging waste for years. And now we are also extremely proud that we are able to supply the entire company premises with cleanly produced electricity.

 Photovoltaik und Ladestation bei woody

Already knew?

Photovoltaic systems generate electricity from solar radiation. Here a direct conversion of sunlight, or the electromagnetic radiation of the sun, into energy takes place. This is done with the help of the solar cells.

When operating solar cells, there is no noise and no exhaust fumes. Photovoltaic systems are particularly environmentally friendly and make an important contribution to nature.

Fill up on clean and sustainable energy at woody®

E-mobility has arrived in our everyday lives and should become more and more a matter of course in the future. That's why we've been working on our charging infrastructure and are now the proud owners of two e-charging stations. As a sustainable company, it is particularly important to us that our customers have the opportunity to charge their e-cars with cleanly produced electricity. The charging stations on our company premises are another building block in our sustainability activities.