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Manufacturing steps to the finished woody® shoe

Manufacturing steps to the finished woody® shoe


In a total of 35 production steps, the classic woody® is produced in our shoe factory from a piece of willow wood. Everything starts with cutting the wooden posts to length and cutting them to size.


Holzuschnit bei woody


The wood cut in brick shape is then put into a copy router, whereupon the incisions for the later bending zones are sawn out in the soles.


Schnitte für Biegezone


During "foaming" these are then connected to the rubber, which gives them their cushioning and flexibility. When the soles have cooled down, they are milled into their final shape and get their comfortable footbed.


Sohle schäumen und Fußbett fräsen


Before the upper parts are attached to the soles, they are given the finishing touches and are processed and sanded in such a way that there are no more bumps and blemishes. With the branding of the logos, the soles then become a woody® original.


Endmontage und Kontrolle


After a precise quality control, the leather uppers are mounted on the soles. In order to make the shoes comfortable to wear, the upper parts are softened with steam and then pressed into the intended fit with a last. Last but not least, shoes are checked in the quality control and then packed, scanned and stored before they go on their way to our customers in order to make them extremely comfortable to wear!


Verpackung bei woody


Our shoe manufacture now employs 45 people who, thanks to their many years of experience, ensure uncompromising quality in every work step.



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