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The woody reforestation - giving something back to nature

The woody reforestation  - giving something back to nature

The woody AU forestry - how we give something back to nature

For us at woody, wood is an essential resource and for this reason it is important to us to give nature its trees back.


Willow wood is the natural base our woody shoes. This is considered the most important raw material for what are probably the most comfortable wooden shoes in the world with the original flexible wooden sole from woody. We make sure that the wood comes from sustainable forestry, because the forest and the trees are the most natural climate protectors on earth.

 Gerhard und Sandro Piroutz bei der Au-Forstung

At woody, we have set ourselves even higher goals for the next 100 years. As a further step towards climate neutrality, we have launched the "The woody AU forestry" project. In April, the first 1,500 trees were planted on an area of 1.3 hectares to strengthen the mixed forest and make it climate-friendly. In order to preserve the diversity in the forest, black alder, sycamore, oak, black walnut and the white willow planted.

Infotafel Au-Forstung

The white willow is of particular importance to the company as it was used to create the original woody wooden sole. Due to the biodiversity of the trees, a mixed forest grows in and out new ecosystem arises.

woody beim Bäumepflanzen

We made a conscious decision to locate this project in the immediate vicinity of our manufactory in Sittersdorf/Carinthia. Over the next 3 years we will take care of that All-round care of the seedlings. We can proudly watch how our seedlings grow into trees that store CO2 and become active climate protectors.


The woody shoes with the flexible sole made of willow wood are not only popular in Europe, but around the world. The insulating wooden sole in combination with the natural material leather ensure pleasant cushioning and create a perfect feel-good climate on your feet.

schaufel aufforstung woody

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through the photosynthesis of trees oxygen emitted and carbon is stored in the wood. Products made of wood therefore extend the carbon storage and continue to bind CO2 as long as it is used as a material and not burned or rots naturally.


With our clogs, you can take a proactive approach to combating climate change and sustainably reduce your ecological footprint.


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