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woody clogs - no more cold feet!

woody clogs - no more cold feet!

No more cold feet!

No more cold feet, because the best insulation against the cold is wood! The woody wooden shoes are an ideal protection against the cold. Wood is a very bad heat conductor and we take advantage of this fact. You will love the comforting warm feeling! Enjoy healthy, better walking on a flexible wooden sole.

woody schuhe - Modell Rose, Naturfell Stiefel mit der biegsamen HolzsohleNo more cold feet!


The new generation of wooden shoes


woody, the inventor of the multi-flexible wooden footbed sole.
Through constant innovations and the use of high quality materials, we work with sustainability to unite nature and technology in order to offer woody wearers an incomparable feeling of walking. Every woody is made by hand, in a shoe factory in Carinthia, in the south of Austria.

woody shoes - the shoe with the flexible wooden sole. Clogs, boots, ankle boots, sandals and slippers from our factory. Handmade originals from Carinthia - Austria

Optimal damping

The loads on the soles of the feet are cushioned by the movable, wooden segments. Their vibrations are transmitted to the arch of the foot, which is perceived as comfortably warm. As a result, they improve the blood circulation in the legs due to the continuous massage effect and strengthen the articulated bone connections.

Quiet appearance

Soft, healthy unrolling thanks to the multi-flexible wooden footbed sole. Stability through a combination of hard inner life and soft appearance. Very good static friction. You don't slide away and the expectation of standing in a woody is far exceeded.


Ten gripper


Activates and stimulates the sole of the foot - the most natural way for a healthy foot. By moving the toes, a constant activity of the foot muscles is achieved and the circulation in the legs is stimulated. As a result, it prevents the feet from getting tired quickly.

Willow wood

Willows are among the most variable woody plants (family of willow plants “Salicaceae”). The genus has a unique variety of species and forms for woody plants. They can be found as tall trees in the floodplain forest and as shrubs of various sizes up to the dwarf shrubs on the timberline of the high mountains. Our willow wood mainly comes from the Danube meadows. Between 350 and 500 species of willow are mentioned in the literature, of which about 50 occur in Central Europe.

  • in medicine Natural aspirin
    The salicin isolated in the willow bark, which is the basic substance of the drug aspirin
  • Willow gives energy and strength in medicine
    The willow is the tree of rest, it gives fresh energy, new flexibility and flexibility. In addition, it refreshes the mind with inspiration and dreams for new visions. The willow provides inner peace and balance. The willow was used in folk medicine for rheumatism, gout, nervous disorders and headaches.
  • properties

    The best insulation against cold is wood, so the woody sole is an ideal protection against the cold.
    In summer, however, it balances the temperature - the pasture cools and refreshes.
    Protection against soil moisture

  • Energy & strength
    Through willow wood that comes exclusively from sustainable forestry.

    Forestry has been working for years to extract and replant timber without damaging the ecosystem. The pasture can grow back and be harvested within 20 years.

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