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The flexible wooden shoe from woody

The flexible wooden shoe from woody

Flexible, comfortable and manufactured in Carinthia: 80,000 pairs of wooden soles are produced annually in the woody shoe manufactory in Sittersdorf.

woody was founded in 1922 by Michael Piroutz. The company mainly produced wooden planks, rakes, pitchforks and scythe handles. The manufacture of professional footwear was a repositioning that eventually resulted in the production of woody sandals and logs.

Lightness and stability

Lightness and stability are requirements for all types of wood that are to be processed into shoes. The beautiful grain and the soft reddish color only bring the willow with it. The willow wood for woody wooden shoes comes from the Danube meadows in Croatia, where the Drau flows into the Danube. The huge wetlands offer the ideal conditions to allow the high-quality raw material to flourish.

In the Sittersdorf shoe factory, 300 m³ of willow wood are processed into flexible wooden shoes every year. The pine wood, with its special properties, has also recently been used in shoe manufacture.


No other material offers a better way to make a comfortable shoe. Each sole has its own footbed, which is worked in with the highest precision by experienced employees. In addition, light wood offers the best insulation against the cold of the floor. "There is no more comfortable shoe," is the most common compliment from customers, which the woody team satisfies.


Flexible wooden sole

woody has developed a unique technology to make the wooden soles flexible. Guided tours are offered free of charge every Friday in the shoe manufactory to familiarize interested parties with the production process and to show them how carefully and by hand this product is made.



It has been recognized that the forests in front of our windows are not only the most beautiful playground, but also one of the best resources in the world. Wood is biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Wood also has something beautiful, fascinating and sensual. But not every type of wood can be used. Therefore only wood from sustainable production is used. Willow wood is growing rapidly and is now also used in the creation of energy forests.

If you use wood, you are also committed to sustainable, efficient forestry and timber management and act in an environmentally responsible manner. Another, more important part of the woody company philosophy is that the employees feel comfortable in the company. They strive for a family-like working atmosphere and the employees are given the opportunity to develop further.


568 Handgriffe zum fertigen woody schuh - Der Schuh mit der biegsamen Holzsohle - 120 Weidenbäume pro Jahr sind nötig

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