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Winter clogs & boots with flexible wooden soles from woody®

Choosing the right winter shoes is often a problem with the onset of the winter season. Our sneaker lovers in particular find it particularly difficult. Our sneakers and Chelsea boots with wooden soles are still highly recommended for shopping trips or the way to the office. But we also have a variety of other cold-proof shoes!

But what makes woody winter shoes so special?
Our flexible willow wood sole not only keeps you wonderfully warm, but also has a naturally antibacterial effect, which means that odors don't stand a chance! The wood is breathable and keeps your feet dry even without socks. Whether light boots and ankle boots that are only equipped with a thin textile lining or thick boots that keep your feet warm with a soft lambskin lining. At woody there are many stylish models with our typical wooden sole. The rubber sole also offers you optimal cushioning. The processed rubber allows your foot to roll naturally and contributes to better walking.

woodys - Clogs und Holzschuhe mit der biegsamen, flexiblen Holzsohle mit dem Plus an Komfort

woodys - Clogs und Holzschuhe mit der biegsamen, flexiblen Holzsohle mit dem Plus an Komfort

Winter Clogs & Stiefel

Wood is a poor conductor of heat and we take advantage of that. It insulates in both directions - which means for you: The cold stays outside and your feet are pleasantly warm and at the right temperature. Our woody winter models are definitely not 100% waterproof, but they are waterproof and winterproof.
Louis Men's Clog Boots woody® from € 175,00 EUR € 250,00 EUR
Rose Women's Fur Slip Boots woody® € 209,00 EUR € 265,00 EUR
Moritz Men's Clog Boots woody® from € 180,00 EUR € 250,00 EUR
Betty Women's Fur Clog Bootie woody® from € 144,00 EUR € 240,00 EUR
Abby Women's Clog Sneakers woody® from € 195,00 EUR € 260,00 EUR
Olga Women's Clog Bootee woody® from € 130,00 EUR € 210,00 EUR

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