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Modern, flexible wooden clogs, handmade in Austria

Modern, flexible wooden clogs from Austria

Our woody clogs are simply super comfortable, stylish and sustainable. They have never gone out of style! Wooden clogs have been experiencing a fashion comeback in recent years, because they are made for every occasion. Whether as a slipper, light summer shoe, all-rounder for a trip to the city or for special occasions, our clog is suitable for every situation in life. Clogs are really fun and support healthy walking.


The stable and high-quality willow wood becomes flexible thanks to the incorporated rubber and can therefore be unrolled effortlessly. Even though you can slip in and out easily, our ergonomic sole keeps you stable. All our clogs are made with a lot of care and years of experience, because we attach great importance to sustainability and that is why it is our personal wish that you enjoy your woodys for a long time.

woodys - Clogs with the flexible wooden sole, handmade in Austria


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