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woody's 100 year anniversary celebration and statements from partners and friends


100 year celebration and honor


We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our shoe factory in Sittersdorf in perfect summer weather. Friends of the family and selected guests stopped by the anniversary party. Among them was state councilor Gaby Schaunig - she not only brought congratulations, but also a badge of honor from the state of Carinthia as a special gift for our company boss Gerhard Piroutz. Gifts for this special occasion are not only available for the entrepreneurial family, but of course also for our customers! In line with the 100th anniversary, there are great promotions available exclusively from us in Müllnern throughout July.

woody wird von der WKO geehrt

Am 15.10.2022 gratulierten WKO Präsident Jürgen Mandl und Direktor Meinrad Höfferer, Daniela und Gerhard Piroutz zu einem Jahrhundert Erfolg mit innovativen Produkten.

Wir fühlen uns sehr geehrt und dankbar!

woody celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022 - since then we have gained friends, fans and partners all over Europe! Here are some statements and congratulations:

Mag. Gerhard Brüggler

CEO - Brüggler advertising agency


What an anniversary!
This company from Müllnern is characterized by 100 years of tradition, craftsmanship and constant innovation.
Vivien Westwood, Franz Klammer, Melissa Naschenweng and many, many other celebrities and people wear and love the flexible wooden soles from Carinthia.
Types of wood and leather skins selected under the highest quality criteria are sustainably refined and make every woody fan happy!
A lot of enthusiasm and innovative strength for the flagship shoes from Carinthia, all the best,

Gerhard Brüggler


DI Herfried Lammer

Wood K plus - Competence Center Wood GmbH

Congratulations on 100 years!
Customers buy products for a good, and a real, reason.

Today, when issues such as sustainability are becoming more and more important, woody has been seen as a role model for many years. Therefore, there are several good, sustainable reasons to buy durable shoes made in Europe, because according to the greed is cool society, there are unfortunately not many of them anymore. And certainly not shoes with such a high proportion of renewable raw materials. The high level of comfort and the large selection are also reasons in favor of woody.

Keep it up with this in mind, the sustainable path is the right one and with woody shoes we can walk it comfortably.


Michael Schaefer

WS sales

100 years of woody!
I still remember my father calling me and telling me that he had just bought shoes with flexible wooden soles at the shoe fair. Since I couldn't imagine what that meant, my first thought was, "what funny thing did he buy now?".
The phone call is now a remarkable 19 years ago, and I am very glad that my father (as so often) had the right gut feeling at the time. Since then we have been walking the path with woody and are very proud to be a (small) part of the story.
After we had sold the first woodys back then and the response from customers was extremely positive,
the decision was soon made to specialize only in these great shoes. High-quality materials, high quality and the incomparably pleasant and comfortable feeling when walking are properties that are not often found in shoes these days.
And nowadays, when you have the feeling that trade and production are only dominated by huge corporations, it's nice that there are still small family businesses in which the top priority is not maximizing profits, but rather classic values like quality, environment, responsibility and the desire to simply produce a very good product.

You may forgive my little hymn of praise, but even after 19 years, woody is a matter of the heart for us and we love the shoes and the company. Therefore, from the bottom of our hearts, all the best for your 100th anniversary and for the future!

Thank you for the great cooperation.