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The right size matters!

So that you don't experience any nasty surprises after receiving the delivery, we recommend a look at the size chart:

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Size Heel to toe 
36 23,1 cm
37 23,8 cm
38 24.5 cm 
39 25,2 cm 
40 26.6 cm 
41 27.3 cm 
42 28 cm 
43 28.7 cm 
44 29.4 cm 
45 30 cm 
46 30.7 cm 
47 31.4 cm 
48 32 cm 
4932,7 cm
5033,4 cm


From heel to toe? 

Yes! The easiest way is to put a sheet of paper on the floor - preferably so that one end of the paper touches the wall. Now stand on the paper with your heels against the wall and mark the place where the toes end with a pen. If you now measure from the paper edge to the marking and compare the measured value with our table, then you have determined the correct size.


Not the right size? >

What if you are between two sizes? In this case we recommend choosing the larger size instead of the smaller one.

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