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Celebration & Congratulations

100 Jahre woody
100 Jahre woody Schuhe

Passionate family business - We are celebrating our 100th anniversary with you this year

We say thank you!

After all, we can celebrate our anniversary thanks to you. Your loyalty and trust in our products has brought us to where we are today and we are proud of that.

A special thank you goes to our extraordinarily committed and reliable employees, who make a valuable contribution to the success of our company and our innovative ideas every day. You are our most important resource. We are very grateful to each individual for this tireless service in our company!

Sustainability has played an important role for us right from the start and will remain a matter close to our hearts in the future. Look forward to many new, exciting projects!

woody - Familie Piroutz (Sandro, Dani und Gerhard)

From simple work shoes for agriculture...

woody Schuhe im Laufe der Zeit
woody Schuhe im Laufe der Zeit a comfortable fashion statement for every day!

Benefit from the power of nature

Draw energy from our natural willow wood and treat your feet to the well-being they deserve every day.
Innovative, comfortable and sustainable - every day!

Since the satisfaction of our customers is our priority, feedback from consumers is repeatedly obtained. A customer survey was also started in 2021 and the result speaks for itself. Here are some results of this survey:

96 out of 100 customers would recommend woody® to their friends!

The three most common answers to the question "Describe woody® in one word" were:

① convenience
② The flexible wooden sole
③ natural materials

woody Manufaktur Aquarellbild
woody Manufaktur Aquarellbild

From the tool to the catwalk

Surrounded by mountains, forests and green fields, the success story of the woody shoe factory in Müllnern/Sittersdorf began in the 1920s. In the beginning, wooden rakes, pitchforks, scythe handles and wooden pickaxes with a rigid sole were made for peasant use. Over the years and thanks to the visionary energy of several generations, we at woody have increasingly focused on the production of the multiply flexible wooden sole.
Demand increased steadily from year to year, which is why we expanded our shop in Müllnern/Sittersdorf and opened it in new splendor in 2015. In the same year, a collaboration with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood was born, resulting in a unique pair of shoes that conquered the catwalks of London, Paris and Milan and are still available in our local factory outlet today.

Handarbeit seit 100 Jahren

Vivienne Westwood

2015 was made a highlight by a call from Vivienne Westwood. The fashion icon includes woody shoes specially designed for her in her collection and presents them on catwalks around the world.

woody Kooperation mit Vivienne Westwood

Pope Francis

2018 were Carinthian motorcycle
In the course of a biker pilgrimage, riders present Pope Francis with a pair of woody clogs as a gift from the community of Sittersdorf. A gift that made the Pope really happy.

Papst Franziskus bekommt woody Schuhe

Paria Farzaneh

2020 Paria Farzaneh approaches woody. The English designer with Iranian roots includes woodys with her own design in her collection.

woody Schuhe by Paria Farzaneh

Our environment is important to us

Photovoltaic electricity

Heating with production waste

Own groundwater

Active reforestation

Sustainable production & durable products

“Protecting the natural basis of life is one of the most important
most important tasks of our time. At woody, we are committed to acting in an environmentally friendly manner and using our resources carefully. Sustainability is our top priority and is not a marketing-driven phenomenon for us, but has been firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy for decades.
philosophy,” says junior manager Sandro Piroutz.

woody umweltbewusst

Creating awareness for sustainability

There is much more to sustainability than you might think. This is reflected from the material to the production and appreciation of the employees. Willow wood from sustainable forestry combined with leather are the main components of the flexible wooden shoes made in Carinthia. Sustainability is not only an important topic for woody®, which is reflected in the product range, it is also firmly anchored in the entire corporate philosophy.

That is why we use the leftovers and waste from wood production to heat the company building, where more than 40 people are currently employed. In addition, another step towards renewable energy will be taken in the future in the form of a photovoltaic system. Plastic and unnecessary packaging waste is avoided in the company. People with a sustainable lifestyle will definitely find what they are looking for at woody®.

CO2 - Anyone who uses wood protects the climate

The natural basis of our woody shoes is the willow wood
sole. The wood for this comes from sustainable forestry.
This material stands for a conscious use of resources, because the forest and the wood are the most natural climate protectors on earth.

1 cubic meter of wood binds 1 ton of CO2

Photosynthesis in trees releases oxygen and stores carbon in the wood. Therefore, products made of wood extend the carbon storage and thus continue to bind CO2 as long as it is used as a material and not burned or rots naturally.

With our woody clogs you can act proactively against climate change and your ecological footprint
reduce sustainably.

Holz bindet CO²

Giving something back to nature

The resource wood is essential for woody and for this reason it is important for us to give nature back its trees. All our wood comes from sustainable forestry. In addition, 1,500 new seedlings will be planted this year on an area of around 1.3 hectares in order to actively combat climate change.

To reinforce the diversity in the forest, different tree species are planted, namely black alder, sycamore maple, oak, black walnut and white willow. The white willow is of particular importance to us as it is used to create the original flexible woody wooden sole. Due to the biodiversity of the trees, a mixed forest grows and a new ecosystem is created.

So that the trees can grow well, we will take care of the all-round care of the new seedlings over the next few years. For the love of nature, for the love of wood as a raw material.

woody forstet aktiv auf

woody is honored by the WKO

On October 15, 2022, WKO President Jürgen Mandl and Director Meinrad Höfferer, Daniela and Gerhard Piroutz congratulated on a century of success with innovative products.

We feel very honored and grateful!