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Winter Women's

All woody® Winter wooden shoes for women

What a wonderful winter with woody®… No more cold feet thanks to the woody® Winter wooden shoes for women. The wooden soles of our winter collection provide perfect insulation and, thanks to the cozy, warm lining, offer you a perfectly temperature-controlled foot climate even when the temperature is below zero. Wood provides the best protection against the cold, which is why woody® Wooden shoes are also an ideal warm holder. Wood is a very bad temperature conductor - we take advantage of this fact. Especially for women, cold feet shouldn't be an issue on the go, after all, women want to be out and about in good-looking and warm shoes even in the cooler or cold months. With the unique woody® Winter models, handcrafted from natural materials and equipped with the wonderfully warm wooden sole, are ideal for traveling in rain and storm or in snow and ice. And we can promise you: you will find the cozy, warm woody® Love feeling!

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Rose Women's Fur Slip Boots woody® € 209,00 EUR € 265,00 EUR
Veronika Women's Clog Bootie woody® from € 189,00 EUR € 210,00 EUR
Ulli Women's Slip Boots woody® from € 140,00 EUR € 230,00 EUR
Abby Women's Clog Sneakers woody® from € 195,00 EUR € 260,00 EUR
Betty Women's Fur Clog Bootie woody® from € 144,00 EUR € 240,00 EUR
Olga Women's Clog Bootee woody® from € 130,00 EUR € 210,00 EUR
Nena Women's Clog Bootee woody® from € 132,00 EUR € 220,00 EUR

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