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Traditional costume models from woody® - clogs & wooden shoes perfect for dirdl, lederhosen and co.

Late summer is something very special for all of us! Countless Oktoberfest fans are eagerly awaiting the next folk festivals, church days and meadow markets. But in addition to your favorite dirndl and good lederhosen, the right footwear should not be missing. Because the right shoes are also part of the right party ensemble. For men, our fur clogs are at the forefront - just like our Roderich with a stylish, embroidered deer pattern. An absolutely unique wooden clog for passionate nature lovers and those who would like to spice up their traditional costume. The embroidered deer not only refine the shoe, but also the overall picture. Our clogs are best worn with lederhosen with high traditional socks or calf warmers, but if you prefer jeans, we prefer to leave the thick socks in the closet.

Traditional shoes & clogs

All woody® wooden shoes & clogs to match traditional costumes

woody® shoes - models as an ideal complement to the traditional costume. Tradition and customs are our roots, quality and passion for wood are our promise. Find the right shoe for your Lederhosen or Dirndl. Perfect for every Kirchtag, Oktoberfest or just because you feel like it!

High-quality, handmade wooden shoes from Austria

Mona Women's Clog Boots woody® from € 168,00 EUR € 240,00 EUR

Stylish and comfortable

With our traditional costumes, you don't have to do without comfort either. Especially with short dirndl women like to wear a higher shoe that makes the leg look even longer. With our models Diana, Silvana, Carmen and Yara, this is also super easy. Thanks to the wide block heel and the ergonomic wooden sole, wearing them is always comfortable, even on the longest days of celebration.

What makes woodys the perfect companions for the folk festival?
Quite simply: Our traditional clogs, like all our shoes, have an ergonomic wooden footbed. In it you are guaranteed to have a comfortable and pleasant hold in the shoe all day long. Don't forget our flexible wooden sole! This makes the wooden sole super flexible and allows natural rolling.


woodys - Clogs und Holzschuhe mit der biegsamen, flexiblen Holzsohle mit dem Plus an Komfort

woodys - Clogs und Holzschuhe mit der biegsamen, flexiblen Holzsohle mit dem Plus an Komfort

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