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woody Clogs und Schuhe für Krankenschwestern und PflergerInnen

The best woody® clogs & shoes for healthcare and nursing staff

The best woody® shoes for healthcare and nursing staff

Just as Nurse, doctor, general practitioner or in gastronomy is a comfortable shoes are the be-all and end-all. In these work areas, it is precisely the feet that are exposed to constant stress. Here you can find out what you should look out for when buying the most comfortable shoes from woody® that give your feet support while you work! It is important for nursing staff to ensure that the shoes have important features such as sufficient cushioning, wearing comfort and stability Offer. These include e.g. B. a wide toe box, Zehengreifer, Arch Support (Arch Support), a secure fit, non-slip outsoles and high-quality materials.

become nowadays Clogs like as work shoes deployed. Standing for hours, hectic and slippery floors must not be an obstacle in the working environment: The work shoes from woody® help you with the properties of flexible wooden sole, Which anti-slip and antibacterial is not only to overcome everyday hurdles, but also to improve them personal well-being. The incorporated rubber owns one high self-damping, that's it ergonomic woody® footbed shock absorbing and gentle on intervertebral discs and joints.

To prevent back and foot pain on long working days, our customers from the medical and care sectors swear by the comfort of woody® clogs.


Healthy, better walking with woody® clogs & wooden shoes

We at woody® have focused on the flexible wooden sole and the ergonomic footbed specialized. These two qualities of the shoe are particularly important because they Joints and spine relieved will. The preformed Footbed distributes pressure evenly and ensures the correct position of your foot. The flexible wooden sole ensures a comfortable unrolling. All of our work shoes are included anti-slip and shock-absorbing rubber sole fitted. The upper part of our woodys is breathable, easy-careand the optimal air circulation for your feet is given. Through this and through antibacterial effect of the Weidenholzes, your woody® clogs always stay fresh and bad smells don't stand a chance.

Schuhe in weiss für Ärzte, Krankenpersonal, Bäcker, Küchenkräfte uvm. von woody

woodys - Clogs with the flexible wooden sole, handmade in Austria

All models, which are also available in WHITE, at a glance

Even today, a serious and trustworthy appearance is still an important factor in the medical and nursing sector. For this reason, the majority of work shoes are still traditionally white to this day. If you are a little more brave, you will also find a large selection of other colors in our shop.

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