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Innovation - the wooden shoe made of Swiss stone pine

The family company woody also uses pine wood for wooden shoe soles

Innovation - The idea of using stone pine for the latest shoe creation came from a suggestion from the circle of friends. "We were impressed by the popularity and knowledge of the admirable properties of this type of wood," explained woody Managing Director Gerhard Piroutz. 


Presentation in Milan

The new product from the woody manufactory was presented for the first time in the Austria Pavilion at the Expo in Milan in 2016.

"Before sales started in October 2016, we also looked closely at studies on Swiss stone pine and its positive properties."

Zirbenharz auf Rinde - Zirbenholz hat viele positive Eigenschaften auf unsere Gesundheit und unser Wohlbefinden! woody Zirbenschuhe - Das Original mit der biegsamen Holzsohle aus Österreich

Resistant wood

The resilience of the Swiss stone pine is particularly noteworthy. "The Swiss stone pine grows on the tree line in the mountains and is therefore exposed to environmental influences such as storms, snow loads and dry soils," says the managing director. The trees that woody processes into their wooden shoes come from Austria and are provided by certified suppliers.


Wood activates nerves

Gerhard Piroutz also emphasizes the health aspect of Swiss stone pine: "For example, when sleeping in a stone pine bed, the heartbeat is reduced by stimulating the recreational nerve". This nerve is of great importance when extinguishing inflammation and is activated by the Swiss stone pine.

"In combination with moisture, the Swiss stone pine has a significantly higher antiseptic effect than all other types of wood.

Die Zirbe - Königin der Alpen und ein wahres Wünder für Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit - woody Zirbenschuh Holzschuhe und Clogs



More than 568 steps are necessary so that a woody clog can be made from a tree.

Each shoe goes through a total of 36 work steps, each connected with numerous steps.

The family business woody will be continued by the fourth generation in the near future.

Many employees have been with the company for between 20 and 30 years.


The Swiss pine ...

  • relaxes and soothes physical or mental stress
  • causes a lower heartbeat rate
  • accelerates vegetative recovery
  • regulates the heart rate
  • stabilizes the circulation
  • prevents weather sensitivity
  • improves sleep quality
  • saves an hour of heart work on average per day
  • makes you fitter and more relaxed
  • makes you more sociable and communicative
  • harmonizes and strengthens general well-being
  • has strong antibacterial effects
  • hinders the development of the clothes moth